Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tea time and tulips

It's February and I feel like I am reliving a moment in time.  I swear this last year has flown by.  I was shopping at Target the other day with my mom and the girls.  You know how we all do as children when we size our feet by slider scale at the shoe store.  Well my oldest stood on the foot size mat they have there like she always does and I paid little attention until my mother said she was an eleven.  I had her do it again and slid her foot to exactly the same spot as the little footprint inside the shoe outline.  Sure enough, she was right there.  I nearly had a panic attack.  When did that happen?  I immediately bought a few pairs of shoes so that this weed of a kid wouldn't wake one day and be shoeless. 

Wasn't it just a few days ago that we were visiting with family in South Florida.  Swimming by the beach in Margaritaville.  Only one child with us.  2016 was a blur after that.  Pregnancy during uncertain times made the year disappear.  Now I have this amazing little person in my life and I fear I am losing track of another year.  It's Super Bowl weekend and it marked the anniversary of the passing of my favorite dog.  It's been 3 years already.  Wow.  That feels like last week.  I am hosting the party this year.  It's going to be interesting since we are eating vegetarian now and our friends who are coming are gluten free.  My family who are also invited are neither.  Hmm, should be fun.  

I am cleaning, sorting, and purging things at home because despite what that little groundhog says, it's spring here.  I know some of you are buried under snow right now and I am truly sorry for you.  It's 78 here and the visiting  flock of robins already told me several weeks ago that we will not be having any cold weather.  So I am spring cleaning the house and planning for my spring garden.  This vegetarian thing is a surprise and a challenge but even though I never saw myself doing it I am actually enjoying it.  I plan to try canning of my own garden produce this year.  Stay tuned for that.  It should be an adventure.